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For academic users, CodeThing usage is completely free. We do not charge extra for additional features or users. For non-academic users, you simply pay when you download your coded data. Payments are processed via PayPal.

We work on a donation basis with a minimal fee of 0.03 euro cents (ex. vat) per coded entry for non-academic users.

Example 1: Small NGO

Small NGO, a very small budget. Did a quick survey with 200 respondents. Each respondent was asked an open question “How do you feel about gentech”. Answers to questions need to be coded into 12 categories.

Suggested donation: 200*0.03 = 6 euros (~7.50 US dollar)

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Example 2: Ambitious PhD student (Academic User)

PhD student. Has Twitter data (20,000 tweets). Every tweet needs to be assigned one of 30 different categories. Two paid student assistants will do the work ($35 per hour). Estimated time with Excel coding: 200 entries per hour ~100 coding hours. Estimated labor costs without CodeThing: $3500. Estimated time with CodeThing: 1000 entries per hour ($700). For this academic user, CodeThing usage is completely free, so the primary savings come from reduced labor hours.

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Example 3: Enrichment of online marketing data

Large marketing company. Processes 10,000+ customer reviews per month. 100+ different categories. Multi-user project with structural usage.

Suggested yearly donation for non-academic users: ~5500 US dollars.

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